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Steve Rossi and Slappy White Recognized by Las Vegas Mayor Oran Gragson for Promoting Better Racial Understanding

Jet Magazine February 27, 1969

Jet Magazine February 27, 1969

Steve Rossi and Slappy White were recognized by Las Vegas Mayor Oran Gragson for promoting better racial understanding in 1970.


Jet Magazine September 3, 1970

Jet Magazine May 27, 1971

Jet Magazine May 27, 1971

Jet Magazine September 1968

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The act split up more than a year later with Slappy running for Vice President.

The Legendary Steve Rossi

Steve Rossi is half of the world famous comedy team of Allen and Rossi. At the age of 6, he appeared in Going My Way with Bing Crosby, The Jolson Story and over 30 movies.

At 16, Steve received a scholarship to The University of Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in communication, arts and theater and in Latin and Greek.

In 1954 Steve co-starred with Mae West in her sold out concerts all over America.

Steve Rossi and Mae West in Las Vegas 1954. All rights reserved copyright Steve Rossi

Steve Rossi and Mae West in Las Vegas 1954.
All rights reserved copyright Steve Rossi

Steve Rossi teamed up with Marty Allen in 1957 where they became America’s #1 comedy team.They appeared on over 700 television shows including 44 appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show 3 of which were with the Beatles in 1964. Other shows he guest starred on were Perry Como, Dean Martin, Dinah Shore, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.


Steve Rossi and Marty Allen with the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show

DERE_1Allen and Rossi were also regular guests stars on “What’s My Line“, “Hollywood Squares“, “Password” and numerous other game shows. They also starred in several Paramount films notably The Last of the Secret Agents with Nancy Sinatra and Ed Sullivan as guest stars.

The film is shown worldwide and has been the movie of the week on Showtime, HBO, Cinemax and 11 appearances (a record) on American Move Classics. Most recently September 21, 1999.

Steve Rossi produced and starred in The 25th Anniversary Allen and Rossi Special with special guest stars Engelbert Humperdinck, Jerry Lewis, Sammy Davis Jr., Don Rickles, Phyllis Diller, Redd Foxx, Martin Sheen, Ernie Borgnine, Rich Little, Jack Jones and Tony Orlando.

Steve has produced 11 comedy albums and eight singing albums on such labels as RCA and Columbia. Steve sold 2 million copies of his hit record “More”, which was nominated for an Academy Award.

Enjoy listening to Steve’s hits on his station. 

On May 20th 1999, Steve Rossi was inducted into the Show Business Legends Hall of Fame at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. In 1999, Steve celebrated his 50th year in show business and is young enough to look forward to the next 50 years.

Classic Television Showbiz Blog Interviews with Steve Rossi

Check out the interviews of Steve on the Classic Television and showbiz blog. This is a great insight into Steve’s career that may surprise those who think they know everything about his rise to fame.

Steve Rossi Interview Part One 

Topics Include: Joe E. Ross, Nancy Sinatra, Billy Strange, Lee Hazlewood, Marty Allen, Telly Savalas, Cindy Williams, Slappy White, Phil Foster, Norm Crosby, Mitch DeWood, the murder of Dorothy Kilgallen, Break up of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Danny Aiello, Sandy Baron, Corbett Monica, Harry Crane, Gene Baylos,

Steve Rossi Interview Part Two 

Topics Include: Working with Mae West, Arthur Godfrey, Trini Lopez, Slappy White, James Brown, Sammy Davis Jr., Batman and Rubin, Bob Kane, The Man From O.R.G.Y., Real Gone Girls, Howard Stern, the murder of Dorothy Kilgallen,

Steve Rossi and Slappy White Formed Interracial Comedy Team in 1968

To appreciate the groundbreaking achievement this comedy pairing was you really must read the article in its original context as published nationally through the Bell-McClure Syndicate that brought entertainment news to local papers throughout the nation.

Click here to read the article as it appeared in the Milwaukee Journal. The same edition of this paper includes an article asking if it is a good idea for families to choose to live in integrated neighborhoods.  Our country has come so far since that time thanks in part to the work of Steve Rossi and Slappy White as one of the very first interracial comedy teams.

Slappy White passed away in 1995. You can read more about him in the book:

Black comedians on Black comedy: how African-Americans taught us to laugh  By Darryl Littleton he had this to say about Slappy

Several writers of this day referred to Slappy White as “the father of the integrated joke.” Such a reputation positioned him to become one of the first comics of black descent to be booked into the white sanctuary – the Catskills, He later partnered with white comedian Steve Rossi, did numerous television guest-starring appearances, and toured extensively.