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The Original Batman and Rubin – Allen and Rossi

Batman and Rubin Clip – Hello Dere Site

Take heed Comic Con geeks the original spoof of Batman was done by Allen & Rossi.

Wouldn’t you love to see it at next years Comic Con?

Steve is working to re-release this album so that a new generation of Batman fans can enjoy the laughs he had in creating the original album.

Check out this fan article about the album on Way Out Junk.  And yes the album is much funnier if you understand the Jewish references.

Here’s the track list:

  1. Rubin’s Dream
  2. Enter Batman
  3. Enter Commissioner Gordon
  4. Enter the Penguin
  5. At the Discotheque
  6. Enter the Catwoman
  7. Enter the Riddler
  8. A Clue
  9. Batman and Rubin Meet the Riddler
  10. Rubin Awakes 

This album was also featured at the exhibition Jews on Vinyl in 2009 at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.  Check out the picture from the exhibit.

Don’t forget that in Las Vegas you can get your copy autographed after attending a Steve Rossi or a Marty Allen show!


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