Steve Rossi Today

Steve is keeping busy in Las Vegas, Nevada between his acts, business enterprises, and enjoying life with his friends. Follow this blog to find out where you will find Steve next.  Check out Steve on the red carpet:


One response to “Steve Rossi Today

  1. Mark Wayne ⋅

    Greetings to “The Legendary” Steve Rossi!
    This is Mark Wayne, Frank and Frankie Wayne’s Youngest Son Mark. My Dad Produced “Password”, “The Don Rickles Show”, ” Price Is Right” for Mark Goodson – and my Wife and I also went to school with Sandy Hackett and his Sisters, Ivy and Lisa too. (My best regards, as always) My Dad’s real name was Rocco Francis Rossi (He changed it along the way in show biz to Frank Wayne) Anyway, these are my introductions,… and I just wanted to just touch base with you and ask if I could in some way receieve an autographed picture like the one you have posted for sale on your website? I’d be more than happy to pay for one too! (The one with the Beatles and Mary Allen too! Or, a headshot? Whatever you like!) My Wife and I saw you a few times in Las Vegas when we lived there too, but there didn’t seem to be a chance to meet with you at the time. Those were great concerts, to be sure, as your voice was strong, clear, beautiful and just like I always remembered it. My parents loved your voice and your lovely manner, as well. They often danced to your songs and my comedy (record) collection wouldn’t be complete without the many signed albums from the genuis comedy team of Allen and Rossi! I so appreciate you, the many, many hours of pleasure you provided my family with song and laughs, as well as the history you provie to many of the up and comers who want to know how it was done by a consumate pro! Atta boy Steve Rossi, you are a legend in my book! BTW – My Daughter is named for my Father’s family and carries your Sir-name,…Emily Rossi Wayne, to carry on the name that will dissapear after I do!
    Please advise on the autographed picture.
    My very best regards to you and yours,
    Mark Wayne

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