Kats with Dish Radio Interview and Las Vegas Sun Article

John Katsilometes with the Las Vegas Sun did a wonderful article about Steve Rossi and the nights he performed with the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show.

KWTD: Steve Rossi on the Beatles’ debut on ‘Sullivan,’ featuring nude photos and at least one wig

Listen to the interview at the link below:


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The Hollywood Palace with Host Martha Raye April 2, 1966 Featuring Allen & Rossi

Allen and Rossi appear at 6mins 8s into the program, or enjoy the entire episode.

Steve Rossi on the Las Vegas Morning Blend – Still Time to Buy Two Legends Tickets!

Steve stopped by local Las Vegas Morning Blend to share about his show and legendary career. Both he and Jimmie Rodgers will be performing at the LVH on June 8th and 9th.

Click on the image below to view the clip. 

Morning Blend may31There is still time to order your tickets for the show.

Learn more about the show and Jimmie Rodgers on our earlier blog post. 


The Legendary Steve Rossi

Steve Rossi was half of the world famous comedy team of Allen and Rossi. At the age of 6, he appeared in Going My Way with Bing Crosby, The Jolson Story and over 30 movies.

At 16, Steve received a scholarship to The University of Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in communication, arts and theater and in Latin and Greek.

In 1954 Steve co-starred with Mae West in her sold out concerts all over America.

Steve served in the United States Air Force both in the reserve unit at Loyola Marymount University and on active duty at Parks Air Force base.  He was discharged from the service in May 1957 with the rank of Second Lieutenant. He served as a personnel officer. Throughout his career active duty military were always given free admission to his shows.

Steve Rossi and Mae West in Las Vegas 1954. All rights reserved copyright Steve Rossi

Steve Rossi and Mae West in Las Vegas 1954.
All rights reserved copyright Steve Rossi

Steve Rossi teamed up with Marty Allen in 1957 where they became America’s #1 comedy team.They appeared on over 700 television shows including 44 appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show 3 of which were with the Beatles in 1964. Other shows he guest starred on were Perry Como, Dean Martin, Dinah Shore, Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.


Steve Rossi and Marty Allen with the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show

DERE_1Allen and Rossi were also regular guests stars on “What’s My Line“, “Hollywood Squares“, “Password” and numerous other game shows. They also starred in several Paramount films notably The Last of the Secret Agents with Nancy Sinatra and Ed Sullivan as guest stars.

The film is shown worldwide and has been the movie of the week on Showtime, HBO, Cinemax and 11 appearances (a record) on American Move Classics. Most recently September 21, 1999.

Steve Rossi produced and starred in The 25th Anniversary Allen and Rossi Special with special guest stars Engelbert Humperdinck, Jerry Lewis, Sammy Davis Jr., Don Rickles, Phyllis Diller, Redd Foxx, Martin Sheen, Ernie Borgnine, Rich Little, Jack Jones and Tony Orlando.

Steve has produced 11 comedy albums and eight singing albums on such labels as RCA and Columbia. Steve sold 2 million copies of his hit record “More”, which was nominated for an Academy Award.

Enjoy listening to Steve’s hits on his Last.fm station. 

On May 20th 1999, Steve Rossi was inducted into the Show Business Legends Hall of Fame at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. In 1999, Steve celebrated his 50th year in show business.

Steve continued to work up until his death on June 22, 2014. He enjoyed writing with his friend Rich Little and stopping by Pia’s Place inside Piero’s Restaurant to belt out a few tunes. He was proud to make Las Vegas his home. No other place in the world could he be surrounded by so many lovely talented people who cared for him in his sunset years.

In his later years Steve continued to enjoy attending performances throughout Las Vegas.  The last year of his life he performed at charity benefits and continued to write every single day.

We will remember Steve for the bold beautiful life he enjoyed on this earth.  At the end of his life he was diagnosed with cancer which had spread to several areas of his body. Due to his age and weakened condition there were no treatment options available.  Steve reached the brave decision with the support of his wife, family, and friends to enter hospice care. He lived only 10 days after his diagnosis. Steve’s family would like to thank Infinity Hospice care of Nevada for their tremendous support during this difficult and confusing time. The end of his life he had the blessing of time to say goodbye to those he loved, and we had the gift to know how much we are loved.

Steve Rossi on the Morning Blend

Thank you Channel 13 Las Vegas for having Steve Rossi on Friday, December 14th 2012. Click on the image below to view the full clip. 

Steve shared his memories of Mae West. He also talked about his show Rich Little’s Jimmy Stewart and Friend which he co-wrote and is there 5 night a week as the director of the show. Rossi on the Morning BlendDuring the broadcast the interview was interrupted for coverage of the tragic school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.  Steve has those families affected by this unthinkable tragedy in his prayers.

Ed Sullivan Programs Airing on PBS Stations

Steve is pleased to share that the Ed Sullivan programs he appeared on are airing on PBS Stations across the country as part of the annual pledge drive.

If you live in Las Vegas this is when you can catch the shows including the episodes with the Beatles which included Allen & Rossi. 

  • Ed Sullivan’s Rock and Roll Classics-The 60s (My Music)
    • 08/12/2012 – Vegas PBS Channel 10
      10 & 1010 Cable
      10.1 Digital
    • 08/23/2012 – Vegas PBS Channel 10
      10 & 1010 Cable
      10.1 Digital
  • Ed Sullivan’s Top Performers 1966-1969 (My Music)
    • 08/13/2012 – Vegas PBS Channel 10
      10 & 1010 Cable
      10.1 Digital
    • 08/18/2012 – Vegas PBS Channel 10
      10 & 1010 Cable
      10.1 Digital

This program has aired on Oregon Public Broadcasting, Iowa Public Broadcasting,  Northern California,  WGBH Boston

Steve was the Band Singer for the Original Howard Stern Show on Fox

You can see Steve in the clip starting at 7:32.

Steve appeared on the original pilot for the Howard Stern program on FOX television which did not air. This was in addition to his work as Howard Stern’s manager.

Classic Television Showbiz Blog Interviews with Steve Rossi

Check out the interviews of Steve on the Classic Television and showbiz blog. This is a great insight into Steve’s career that may surprise those who think they know everything about his rise to fame.

Steve Rossi Interview Part One 

Topics Include: Joe E. Ross, Nancy Sinatra, Billy Strange, Lee Hazlewood, Marty Allen, Telly Savalas, Cindy Williams, Slappy White, Phil Foster, Norm Crosby, Mitch DeWood, the murder of Dorothy Kilgallen, Break up of Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin, Woody Allen, Mia Farrow, Danny Aiello, Sandy Baron, Corbett Monica, Harry Crane, Gene Baylos,

Steve Rossi Interview Part Two 

Topics Include: Working with Mae West, Arthur Godfrey, Trini Lopez, Slappy White, James Brown, Sammy Davis Jr., Batman and Rubin, Bob Kane, The Man From O.R.G.Y., Real Gone Girls, Howard Stern, the murder of Dorothy Kilgallen,

Allen and Rossi Television Pilot



In 1963 just three years after a report Allen and Rossi were shunning television the pair were happily at work on their television sitcom pilot.  Hit or flop the team was eager to get to work with Garry Moore on their show.

“It’s not a gamble to have your own show on television,” says Marty, “because even if you lose, you win, suppose it goes on and it lays an egg. You’ve still gained, because for 13 weeks or 26 weeks a couple of million people have seen your face every week. They know you now.”

Read the entire article here. 


Allen & Rossi Reported as a Comedy Team Who Shuns Television – What a Difference a Decade Made!

Check out this story from the Miami News 1960 by Dick Kleiner.

Something tells me that when television came calling they did not have to ask Allen and Rossi twice if they wanted to go on. The duo went on to perform on Ed Sullivan, What’s My Line, and Garry Moore show multiple times just to name a few. By the end of the decade the duo had made over 100 appearances on television.

If television called today Steve Rossi would be there!

‘Hello Dere’ Difference Between Caviar and Beans

Story written by Cynthia Lowry in 1963 that describes a young 30 year old Steve Rossi as

..a young singer with a fine voice and an adroit way of feeding a straight line…

Read this story from its original source the St Petersburg  Evening Independent online. 

20 Appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show – Including with the Beatles!

You can also read about the appearances in the book:

Right here on our stage tonight!: Ed Sullivan’s America  By Gerald Nachman 

“The Ed Sullivan Show” (20 episodes )
… aka “Toast of the Town” – USA (original title)

  1. Episode #14.28 (23 April 1961) – Himself – Comedian
  2. Episode #17.7 (10 November 1963) – Himself – Comedian (as Allen and Rossi)
  3. Episode #17.20 (16 February 1964) – Himself – Comedian , Soundtrack(performer: “Strike Up the Band” (uncredited))
  4. Episode #17.39 (5 July 1964) – Himself – Comedian (as Allen and Rossi)
  5. Episode #18.3 (11 October 1964) – Himself – Comedian (as Allen & Rossi)
  6. Episode #18.11 (6 December 1964) – Himself – Comedian (as Allen and Rossi)
  7. Episode #18.13 (20 December 1964) – Himself – Comedian (as Allen & Rossi)
  8. Episode #18.17 (17 January 1965) – Himself – Comedian (as Marty Allen & Steve Rossi)
  9. Episode #18.24 (14 March 1965) – Himself – Comedian/Singer (as Allen & Rossi)
  10. Episode #18.30 (25 April 1965) – Himself – Comedian/Singer (as Allen and Rossi)
  11. Episode #18.37 (13 June 1965) – Himself – Comedian/Singer (as Allen and Rossi)
  12. Episode #19.1 (12 September 1965) – Himself – Comedian/Singer (as Allen and Rossi) , Soundtrack (performer: “Try to Remember”, “We Love You” (uncredited))
  13. Episode #19.22 (13 February 1966) – Himself – Audience Bow
  14. Episode #19.36 (22 May 1966) – Himself – Comedian (as Allen & Rossi)
  15. Episode #20.3 (25 September 1966) – Himself – Singer
  16. Episode #20.5 (9 October 1966) – Himself – Comedian (as Allen and Rossi)
  17. Episode #21.9 (5 November 1967) – Himself – Comedian (as Allen and Rossi)
  18. Episode #21.27 (10 March 1968) – Himself – Comedian (as Allen and Rossi)
  19. Episode #22.27 (13 April 1969) – Himself
  20. Episode #24.15 (27 December 1970) – Himself – Comedian/Singer

The Hollywood Palace

Steve appeared in his comedy duo team of Allen and Rossi four times on The Hollywood Palace.

“The Hollywood Palace” (4 episodes )

  1. Episode #1.12 (21 March 1964) – Himself – Comedian (as Allen and Rossi)
  2. Episode #3.4 (9 October 1965) – Himself – Comedian/Singer (as Allen and Rossi)
  3. Episode #3.27 (2 April 1966) – Himself – Comedian/Singer (as Marty Allen & Steve Rossi)
  4. Episode #4.11 (3 December 1966) – Himself – Comedian/Singer (as Allen and Rossi)

Dean Martin Comedy Hour


Steve Rossi made three appearances as himself on the Dean Martin Comedy Hour.


“The Dean Martin Comedy Hour” (3 episodes )
… aka “The Dean Martin Show” – USA (original title)

  1. Episode dated 17 November 1966 (17 November 1966) – Himself
  2. Episode dated 12 January 1967 (12 January 1967) – Himself
  3. Episode dated 16 November 1967 (16 November 1967) – Himself

What’s My Line

Steve appeared on What’s My Line three times. Check out a clip below:

“What’s My Line?” (3 episodes )

  1. Episode dated 6 September 1964 (6 September 1964) – Himself – Mystery Guest
  2. Episode dated 31 July 1966 (31 July 1966) – Himself – Mystery Guest
  3. Episode dated 26 February 1967 (26 February 1967) – Himself – Mystery Guest


Hollywood Squares

Steve Rossi appeared on Hollywood Squares 34 times! You can check out his episode answering the question: “how many children does Robert Kennedy have?” on Hulu!

Hulu is your only source to view a licensed copy of this appearance.

CLICK HERE to Visit HULU and See the Show for Free  

Here are the details about his other appearances:

“The Hollywood Squares” (34 episodes )

  1. Episode #1.84 (13 February 1967) – Center Square 
  2. Episode #1.85 (14 February 1967) – Center Square 
  3. Episode #1.86 (15 February 1967) – Center Square 
  4. Episode #1.87 (16 February 1967) – Center Square 
  5. Episode #1.88 (17 February 1967) – Center Square 
  6. Episode #1.159 (29 May 1967) – Center Square 
  7. Episode #1.160 (30 May 1967) – Center Square 
  8. Episode #1.161 (31 May 1967) – Center Square 
  9. Episode #1.162 (1 June 1967) – Center Square 
  10. Episode #1.163 (2 June 1967) – Center Square 
  11. Episode #1.174 (19 June 1967) – Center Square 
  12. Episode #1.175 (20 June 1967) – Center Square 
  13. Show No. 176 (21 June 1967) – Center Square 
  14. Episode #1.177 (22 June 1967) – Center Square 
  15. Episode #1.178 (23 June 1967) – Center Square 
  16. Episode #2.51 (13 November 1967) – Center Square 
  17. Episode #2.52 (14 November 1967) – Center Square 
  18. Episode #2.53 (15 November 1967) – Center Square 
  19. Episode #2.54 (16 November 1967) – Center Square 
  20. Episode #2.55 (17 November 1967) – Center Square 
  21. Episode #2.56 (20 November 1967) – Center Square 
  22. Episode #2.57 (21 November 1967) – Center Square 
  23. Episode #2.58 (22 November 1967) – Center Square 
  24. Episode #2.60 (24 November 1967) – Center Square 
  25. Episode #2.116 (12 February 1968) – Center Square 
  26. Episode #2.117 (13 February 1968) – Center Square 
  27. Episode #2.118 (14 February 1968) – Center Square 
  28. Episode #2.119 (15 February 1968) – Center Square 
  29. Episode #2.120 (16 February 1968) – Center Square 
  30. Episode #2.196 (3 June 1968) – Center Square 
  31. Episode #2.197 (4 June 1968) – Center Square 
  32. Episode #2.198 (5 June 1968) – Center Square 
  33. Episode #2.199 (6 June 1968) – Center Square 
  34. Episode #2.200 (7 June 1968) – Center Square