Rest in Peace Michael Tessiero – A Devoted Friend to Steve Rossi

MV5BMTQwMjkzNzc1Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwODI4NTEzMQ@@._V1_SX450Michael Tessiero had movie star good looks.

He could play a bad guy on camera. MV5BMTUxMTMxNjgwOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwMDE3Mjgy._V1_SX160

Steve Rossi and his family knew our dear Mikee as a man with a heart of gold.

No matter the day or time if Steve needed Mike he would be there. He was there for Steve at the very end.

We will always be grateful to have counted as a friend Michael Tessiero who never let you go hungry. He always made sure you made it home. Michael was a blessing in our lives.

Thank you Michael for your genuine love, care, and concern. No one will forget the many nights of laughs. We will always wish that there had been many more.

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Steve Rossi StoryCorps Interview

08222005_boothOn April 24, 2013 Steve Rossi went to the StoryCorps trailer at the Historic Fifth Street School in Las Vegas to record his life story to be included in the national time capsule.  This story is also preserved with Library of Congress Folklife collection. StoryCorps-e1365090349737-630x416StoryCorps travels the country with a mobile studio in an AirStream trailer recording great America stories.

Steve sat down in the studio with Lisa Polito to record this interview.  It is about 41 minutes long.  Steve consented to allow his story to be used for future projects about the history of Las Vegas. Steve was in good health and good spirits for this interview. StoryCorps graciously gave permission to publish his interview on this website.

If you know someone who has a colorful life story please encourage them to sit down with StoryCorps to record their story. This was an experience Steve truly enjoyed and was honored to have his legacy preserved in this way.


A Reflection from Steve’s Time on the Howard Stern Show

Thank you to Gary Dell’Abate for sending this cute sweet clip of Steve from his time on the Howard Stern show.

Recorded September 3, 1986

Video was not taken of the Howard Show back at that time.  So the clip plays over some photos from Steve Rossi’s collection. 

Acts that will Pay Tribute to Steve Rossi

There will be a major fundraiser event with Steve’s celebrity friends in about 1 month.  But if you need to head out and grab a drink to toast Steve this weekend here are a few great places to acknowledge the Legendary Steve Rossi.


Pia’s Place at Pieros

This makes the top of the list because Steve loved hanging out here.

Pia’s place starts at 10:00 pm.  Steve won’t be there but you will feel him there.

You may even catch Pia asking “What are you doing Steve?” as they did together so many times before.

Pia whatcha doin StevePiero’s

355 Convention Center Drive LasVegas, Nevada 89109


Peter Pavone at El Cortez in the Parlour

One of the very last shows Steve wanted to see was Peter Pavone at the El Cortez.  He regarded Peter as a great talent and enjoyed his many impressions. Peter will have a photo of Steve at the show to toast this Thursday night. Show starts at 7:00.

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Steve Rossi at Divorce Party Musical at Ballys on Opening Night


Check out all the fun of this new show on their website:

Divorce Party Las Vegas Steve Rossi and Chippendales 1Steve Rossi and Chippendales 2Steve Rossi and Chippendales 3


Check out Steve’s Friend Elisa Furr

Elisa Furr

Steve is impressed by the incredible talent of his friend Elisa Furr and invites you to check out her website and follow her on Twitter.

Elisa Furr Electronic Press Kit



Steve Rossi on the Alan Stock Show

Steve appeared on the Alan Stock show to talk about the Beatles.


Steve Rossi on the Jerry Doyle Show

Steve was on the Jerry Doyle show to talk about The Beatles.


Wake Up with the Wagners will Feature Allen and Rossi with the Beatles on Wednesday, February 12th

Video Vault looks at Allen & Rossi and their experience with The Beatles on Wednesday’s “Wake Up With the Wagners.


50 Years Ago The Beatles Were on Ed Sullivan with Allen and Rossi


Nice Post from Norm Clarke – He Noticed Steve Still Has it!

Don’t miss the wonderful article Norm wrote about Steve Rossi opening for the Beatles. 


Thank you @Norm_Clarke for Sharing the Story of when Allen and Rossi Opened for the Beatles

Thank you Norm Clarke for a wonderful article.

Read it here on the Las Vegas Review Journal website:

NORM Q&A: Allen & Rossi part of Beatles history



Another Great Night at Pieros with Pia Zadora for Steve Rossi, Rich Little, and Larry Hart


Mr. Jones, I Love Your Daughter – A Steve Rossi Classic


Can You Ever Get Enough Gordie Brown?

Gordie Brown’s show is one of Steve’s favorites of all time.  Check it out on his official website! 


Pia’s Place at Piero’s

Have you been to Pia’s Place at Piero’s? It is a sweet intimate cabaret with wonderful food and excellent company. You never know who will be stopping by.



Wonderful Lunch with Steve’s Favorite Golf Pro

Steve met with one of his favorite golf pros Greg Mertz who came all the way out to see him from Amana, Iowa.

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The Man From O.R.G.Y. featuring Steve Rossi and Slappy White


Hopefully Troma Entertainment will have the film available on DVD and for online viewing soon!

If you want to see The Man From Orgy tweet Lloyd Kaufman from the link below.


Steve Rossi and Leon Spinks Celebrating their Birthdays!


When Allen and Rossi Were Recognized as 1966 Veterans of the Year by the American Legion



Marty Allen and Steve Rossi were recognized as Veterans of the Year by the American Legion in 1966.  Steve has continued treating all wounded warriors to free seats to show.

Click on the article to read the full story. 
Allen Rossi Legion


Steve Remembers: Sonny King

Thank you to Sonny’s widow Peggy King for coming to Steve’s performances this weekend.

Sonny was a great talent that Vegas will always miss. These videos only begin to capture the great talent Sonny gave to our world.



Steve Recommends his friend Peter Pavone

Check out Peter’s website: PeterPavone.Net 


Thank You for a Wonderful Two Legends Weekend at the LVH


At Rob Magnotti’s Show


A Wonderful Luncheon at Non Club Club FIORE at the Italian American Club

Thank you to Non Club Club Fiore for a wonderful afternoon of laughs and friendship. Steve hopes to see you all again soon!

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