Wake Up with the Wagners Video Vault Story about Allen and Rossi

allen and rossi strip sign Wake up with the Wagners went into their video vault for a segment that aired February 12th 2014 about the historic career of Allen and Rossi.

Click here to see the clip.

The clip covered their careers and even touched on the lifetime contract they had with the Vegas World Casino before it became the Stratosphere.

STeve and Marty 1994


Happy Veterans Day!

What Happened When the Two Greatest Straight Men – Dean Martin and Steve Rossi Got Together on One Stage

dean martin and steve rossi motion

Check out one of Steve’s favorite performances with Marty Allen on the Dean Martin special.  Please enjoy the Lion Tamer routine.

Only One Great Comedy Duo Remains – Allen and Rossi

Check out this sweet article though from 1994 still resonates today because Las Vegas is blessed to continue to have both Marty Allen and Steve Rossi performing in our town. Rest in peace to those acts we no longer have on our stages.

Read the complete article by clicking on the image below – or read it here. 

only 1 duo remains

When it was Big News that the Landmark Hotel in Las Vegas Would Have 27 Floors

Seems quaint today that it once made international news that the Landmark Hotel in Las Vegas was going to have a casino on the 27th floor. Of course Allen and Rossi were part of the big story.

Allen & Rossi Reported as a Comedy Team Who Shuns Television – What a Difference a Decade Made!

Check out this story from the Miami News 1960 by Dick Kleiner.

Something tells me that when television came calling they did not have to ask Allen and Rossi twice if they wanted to go on. The duo went on to perform on Ed Sullivan, What’s My Line, and Garry Moore show multiple times just to name a few. By the end of the decade the duo had made over 100 appearances on television.

If television called today Steve Rossi would be there!

Steve Rossi: King of the Paramount Pictures Lot

Earl Wilson’s article about the king sized treatment Allen & Rossi received while filming The Last of the Secret Agents in 1965. They had lush dressing rooms on the same block as Elvis, Natalie Wood, and Kirk Douglas. Phone lines at the studio were answered “Hello Dere” and even the commissary got in the act by offering a lunch special inspired by the duo.

“Allen & Rossi ‘Hello Dere’ Special – Cheeseburger and macaroni”

It’s the biggest build up for a couple of clowns seen here in years!

Read the complete article here.