Check Out Steve Rossi on Howard Stern’s First Pay Per View Show

steve on stern

Someone posted a YouTube video of Steve on the Howard Stern show. You will need to go watch it at this link.  rossi 2

At 17:39 into the clip Steve appears to sing and close the show!

What a great time with a great cast!


Steve is mentioned in the book Howard Stern A to Z. However this entry on page 185 that Steve was only a call-in guest is not correct.


Steve was the Band Singer for the Original Howard Stern Show on Fox

You can see Steve in the clip starting at 7:32.

Steve appeared on the original pilot for the Howard Stern program on FOX television which did not air. This was in addition to his work as Howard Stern’s manager.

Classic Television Showbiz Blog Interviews with Steve Rossi

Check out the interviews of Steve on the Classic Television and showbiz blog. This is a great insight into Steve’s career that may surprise those who think they know everything about his rise to fame.

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Steve Rossi Interview Part Two 

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