MicroBrewed Reviews Remembers Last of the Secret Agents!

Steve Rossi would like the world to know that had the studio listened to he and Marty about the script it would have been a MUCH funnier film.

Yet it is still marvelous to be remembered for the film because few men have been as lucky as to have worked on a film with the gorgeous Nancy Sinatra!

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Steve Rossi: King of the Paramount Pictures Lot

Earl Wilson’s article about the king sized treatment Allen & Rossi received while filming The Last of the Secret Agents in 1965. They had lush dressing rooms on the same block as Elvis, Natalie Wood, and Kirk Douglas. Phone lines at the studio were answered “Hello Dere” and even the commissary got in the act by offering a lunch special inspired by the duo.

“Allen & Rossi ‘Hello Dere’ Special – Cheeseburger and macaroni”

It’s the biggest build up for a couple of clowns seen here in years!

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